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This Months featured membeir is: Mike Hyde
 Clams Anyone!
I have a been a member of Trout Unlimited since 2003 and a member of the Iroquois Chapter just as long, I am also on the Board of Directors at the Friends of Carpenters Brook Fish Hatchery. I am also a member of other organizations such as the NRA, SCOPE, The American Legion, Etc. I have been employed by CNYRTA (Centro) for nearly 28 years, I am currently the Engine Shop Foreman and Transmission Tech. I enjoy volunteering on chapter projects like the Limestone Stream improvement project we worked on a couple of years ago also stream cleanup on Earth day, also our annual fund raiser Tie One On. I also enjoy fly tying (although not at the “expert” level yet!).
I hope to see you on the water somewhere.

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  1. fishit says:

    It is amazing how small experiences in your past can produce a lifetime of passion…
    I always thought that Golf was for people that didn’t know how to fish…I guess I was wrong about you?

  2. fishit says:


  3. Steve Brennan says:

    Very nice profile Anthony. Thanks for all you do for our chapter.

  4. Steve says:

    Nice profile and Mike and Kelley are great new members.

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