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IROQUOIS CHAPTER BOARD OF DIRECTORS / 2015-2016 MEETING MINUTES March 9, 2016 Page 1 of 6 BOARD OF DIRECTORS MINUTES MEMBERS Present: Steve Brennan, Anthony Hyatt, David Seifritz, Vicky Lane, Jim Froio, Eric Stanzcyk, Nancy Lobello, Paul Randall, Marty Ivery, Mike Hyde. Meeting: 6:30 pm at Barbagallo’s Restaurant, Wednesday March 9, 2016 APPROVAL OF MEETING MINUTES The meeting minutes from the February 10, 2016 were APPROVED. The vote was 9 for approval, 0 against. OLD BUSINESS 1. FINANCIAL BYLAW CHANGES: The BOD discussed the new BYLAW CHANGES required by National for Accounts, Check Writing and Credit Cards. National is requiring changes to prevent account fraud and will require accounts to monitored monthly by a person who is not an officer and has no check writing privileges. This will require changes to the BYLAWS to comply. BOD tabled further discussion until November. (10/15) a. Dave Tarr has volunteered to be the third observer. Dave Seifritz will provide Dave Tarr with the documentation at the Chapter Meeting and Dave T. can review and return the documents at the Board of Directors meeting the week after. We will need to prepare a form of some type that states that the documentation has been review. (12/9) b. January 2016 – no update, no action c. February 2016 – D. Seifritz provide the accounting records to D. Tarr at the Chapter Meeting. D. Tarr stated after review everything appeared to be in order. 2. MONTHLY REPORTING OF HOURS a. Dave Seifritz received monthly hours from: i. Steve Brennan 3. WEBSITE a. Vicky L.: Will write an article about the Women’s Initiative School. (10/15) This article has yet to be completed (12/9)(2/10)(3/9). b. The website needs links to the Woman’s Initiative Website. (11/15) This has yet to be completed (12/9)(2/10)(3/9). 4. BOY SCOUT TROOP: a. Marty has to contact the Camillus Boy Scout to provide fly tying demo or help with a merit badge (10/15). Marty needs to contact the Troop as soon as possible to get additional information (10/15). Several BOD members offered to help (11/15). b. Update: 2/10 – The request came from an individual scout not at troop. Paul Randall and Marty Ivery will investigate further and report in March. IROQUOIS CHAPTER BOARD OF DIRECTORS / 2015-2016 MEETING MINUTES March 9, 2016 Page 2 of 6 c. Update: 3/9 – Paul Randall spoke with the Boy Scout Troop in Camillus. Iroquois Chapter will work to help troops with the fly-fishing merit badges. Potential do merit badges at the Hatchery. 5. LETTERS TO FLY SCHOOL AND WOMAN INITITIVE: Marty I. will send letters to the Fly Fishing School Class of 2015 inviting each person to one of our meetings (10/15). Vicky L. will also send letters to the participants of the Women’s Initiative weekend. These letters should go out prior to our NOVEMBER meeting inviting them to attend the NOVEMBER meeting (10/15). a. Marty is working on the letter (11/15) (2/10). Marty completed the letter. Advertising has been developed. Marty has had a couple of people sign up already (3/9). b. Vicky has the list of last years women. Nothing has been done with TU about the free new membership they are entitled too. IC may have to purchase the new memberships if national no longer has the free new membership program (11/15)(2/10) (3/9). c. Status Update: Both letters remain not completed (12/9)(2/10). The letter for the fly school is complete (3/9). 6. HUNGRY TROUT: Payment of $500.00 to Hungry Trout for Grand Prize (10/15). a. Dave S. wrote the check and it is being mailed (12/9). b. Steve B. contacted Hungry Trout this month about a table, advertisement and individual dinner ticket. Evan B. stated he would have to get back to him (2/10). c. Update: (3/9) Evan B. is coming as a guest of Tailwater. No table purchase, no advertisement and no purchase of a dinner ticket. NEW BUSINESS 1. BOARD MEMBERS TO DO LIST BEFORE THE NEXT BOD MEETING: a. Vicky to work with Marty on letter to Women’s Initiative attendees. (10/15) (11/11) (12/9) (2/10) (3/9) b. Vicky needs to contact Sam Decker for a picture and specifics about her donated float trip on the Delaware. (11/11) (12/9) (2/10) (3/9). c. Dave S. and Steve B. need to meet to discuss the national requirement for a strategic plan. d. Jim F. will email all BOD members information about the Friends meeting with location and time (2/10). Up to this date Jim has not emailed BOD members (3/9). e. Vicky needs to let Eric S. know when and if there will be a Woman’s Initiative Day at the hatchery because dates are filling up rapidly. Eric S. has yet to receive this information (2/10). Nancy and Vicky stated the event will not be conducting Woman’s Initiative Day this year (3/9). IROQUOIS CHAPTER BOARD OF DIRECTORS / 2015-2016 MEETING MINUTES March 9, 2016 Page 3 of 6 f. Steve B. to get information about plagues. Steve B. suggested that we do something like the plaques that we received at the Fly Fishers Workshop. Jim F. will see if the school can do something similar (2/10). Jim provided an example and the BOD agreed to have the plaques prepared by Baldwinsville School shop program. The Chapter will donate $125.00 to the shop group (3/9). g. Someone needs to notify Christine at Barbagallo’s that there will be no Chapter Meeting at Barbagallo’s in May and June. (DAVE S. or STEVE B.) h. Dave Galloway will provide food at the May meeting for $10.00 per person. It will be barbeque. 2. FINANCIAL: a. Current account balance is $ $20,049.27 b. Other financial issues discussed: 3. CHAPTER MEETINGS: a. Monthly themes / Programs / Speakers i. April: ART WORK / PHOTOGRAPHY / MOVIE NIGHT 1. Program: DEC – Current Status of Nine Mile Creek 2. Speaker: Emily Zollweg, DEC 3. Contact: Anthony Hyatt ii. May: CHAPTER FISHING TRIP OR ON-STREAM DEMO 1. Program: Carp fishing and flies 2. Speaker: Pat Cohen 3. Location: Carpenters Brook Fish Hatchery / Food to be available. 4. Contact: Jim Froio 5. Dinner: Jim Froio to contact his person about doing barbeque at the hatchery and the cost. iii. June: CHAPTER PICNIC 1. Location: Carpenters Brook Fish Hatchery. 4. COMMITTEES REPORTS: a. TIE-ONE-ON: Jim Froio i. Include “coming events” in Tie One On program. ii. 145 Clouser Minnows have been tied. We need 6-7 dozen more. iii. We received the Cortland Rod. It was discussed and will be given away by use of a “super bowl board” at the event. IROQUOIS CHAPTER BOARD OF DIRECTORS / 2015-2016 MEETING MINUTES March 9, 2016 Page 4 of 6 iv. We have bottles of wine for dinner give away. v. Dave S. discussed volunteer schedule. Steve B. at the room at 6:00 am to set up. We cannot access the room on Friday night because they have another event. vi. There will be a guest list at the entrance door. vii. Karl Kapfer has donated bucktails. viii. Program reviewed for Vicky to complete. Printing at the beginning of the week. b. CHAPTER DINNER: i. Glasses will be filled prior to the event. ii. Steve B. will set up glasses for the clouser minnow give away. iii. Genesee Grand will be updated on Monday of final dinner numbers. c. COMMUNICATIONS: Anthony Hyatt, Jim Froio, Dave Tarr i. Website: None ii. Newsletter: None iii. Tie-One-On website is : None d. MEMBERSHIP: Marty Ivery, Paul Randall, Dave Seifritz i. Update: Dave S. is trying to sit down with Chuck Smith but has yet to work that out (2/10) (3/9). e. EDUCATION: i. Fly School 2016: 1. Need leaders tied and equipment updated. 2. APRIL 13, 2016 Board Meeting at the Hatchery Garage at 5:00 pm to work on items. 3. The flyer has yet to be created and Marty I. needs one. 4. Reels are in good condition. ii. Woman’s Initiative: None this year. f. CONSERVATION: Eric Stanzcyk, Mike Hyde i. Red Flag testing: 1. Update (3/9): Jim Green and Eric S. are preforming the testing. Next Tuesday Jim and Eric will do the testing. In April they plan to start the same testing regiment on Nine Mile Creek as is currently IROQUOIS CHAPTER BOARD OF DIRECTORS / 2015-2016 MEETING MINUTES March 9, 2016 Page 5 of 6 being done on Limestone Creek. They are planning to go to CSI in Ithaca for further training. g. FINANCIAL DEVELOPMENT: Dave Seifritz, Steve Brennan i. We need to create a “strategic plan” per National. 1. Update (2/10): Steve B. has downloaded information from National and is reviewing. No further work has been done to date due to the extensive work being done on Tie-One-On. h. NOMINATION: Vicky Lane, Dave Tarr, Jim Froio i. Nominations for Person of the Year (to be given in March at the Chapter Banquet). ii. Nomination is complete and we have a recipient. 5. RELATED ORGANIZATIONS: a. NEW YORK STATE TROUT UNLIMITED COUNCIL: i. Update: No report. b. ONONDAGA COUNTY SPORTSMENS FEDERATION: i. Update: No report. c. FRIENDS OF CARPENTERS BROOK HATCHERY: i. Update: No report. d. PROJECT HEALING WATER: i. Update: No report. 6. CALENDAR a. Chapter Meeting: Wednesday April 6, 2016 at Barbagallo’s b. Board of Directors Meeting: Wednesday April 13, 2016 at Hatchery c. Chapter Meeting Wednesday May 4, 2016 at Hatchery d. Board of Directors Meeting: Wednesday May 11, 2016 at Barbagallo’s e. Chapter Meeting Wednesday June 1, 2016 at Hatchery. 7. PERSON OF THE MONTH a. Every BOD member needs to put together a Bio and provide a picture by January BOD Meeting or in time to meet the following schedule. i. March POM – Vicky Lane (Secretary) ii. April POM – PERSON OF THE YEAR iii. May POM – Dave Seifritz (Treasurer) iv. June POM – Jim Froio IROQUOIS CHAPTER BOARD OF DIRECTORS / 2015-2016 MEETING MINUTES March 9, 2016 Page 6 of 6

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