Skaneateles Creek

Skaneateles Creek

Skaneateles Creek is a small brush and tree lined creek, flowing from Skaneateles Lake to Seneca River over the course of approximately 14 miles. There is a no kill, artificial lures only section from the Old Seneca Turnpike bridge, north of Village of Skaneateles, downstream 10.2 miles to the Jordan Road bridge in the village of Jordan.  This stream is stocked with about 2000 rainbow trout every year from Carpenters Brook Fish hatchery.  However, this stream is known more for its wild population of brown trout.  There are no PFR (Pubic Fishing Access Rights) on this stream.  There are public sections in the town of Jordan around the old Erie Canal Aqueduct and upstream along the Charlie Major Nature Trail off of Mill Rd near Skaneateles.  Most bridge crossings along the way have limited access.  For the best experience politely ask the land owner for permission to explore the creek further.  This stream gets warm quick and it is recommended to only fish early spring and late fall leaving it to run its course mid-June through Sept.  Flows are controlled by a dam at the lake and can be a trickle to an all-out wall of water,  but usually run very clear.  The fish present migrate throughout the year based on flow and stream temps so be prepared to move to find the fish.  Expect most of the normal area hatches here, however, these fish are spooky and getting a good presentation in close quarters is key but can be very rewarding.

 (Text provided by TU member Ken Crane)

Skaneateles Creek / Rainbow Trout

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