Furnace Brook

Furnace Brook is located within the City limits of Syracuse in historical Elmwood Park. Elmwood Park is a beautiful wooded glen that stretches for nearly one-half mile along the banks of Furnace Brook on the city’s southwest side. The park features a remarkable diversity of birds, trees, wildlife and wildflowers, as well as an historic stone mill building and several Depression-era stone staircases, walls and bridges.

Furnace Brook flows in a channel of stones. This man-made channel, constructed during the Depression, extends along the entire length of the brook as it flows through Elmwood Park. There are several places along Furnace Brook where you can hear the gurgle of water as it flows through small weirs, or rapids designed to slow and control the flow of the brook. Furnace Brook is a remarkably clean waterway, which contains, among other aquatic life, trout and freshwater shrimp. Furnace Brook, is stocked each year by Carpenters Brook Fish Hatchery with Brook Trout, it has a reputation among anglers as an excellent trout stream.

If you do fish it bring a 3wt rod and small nymphs (Hare’s Ear, size 18) and forget the waders, no wading allowed! Plus most of the brook is only 10 feet wide. So walk up to the brook with light feet and keen eyes as the fish spook easily. The spillway located at the beginning of the park has created a large pool before Furnace Brook goes underground and meets up with Onondaga Creek in the Valley of Syracuse. Recommendation, go fish it in the spring when all the other local streams are washed out!

Furnace Brook within Elmwood Park

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