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Iroquois Chapter of TU Welcomes Matt Chapple as our Guest Speaker for our Wednesday, November 5th Monthly meeting at Barbagallos Restaurant 6344 East Malloy Road E. Syracuse NY. Meeting starts at 7:00 but please join us around 6:00 for a bite to eat, and a Meet & Greet. Most will recognize Matt as the web master of CNY Flyfish.com website however you may not know he is a very accomplished Guide and Fly Fisherman who has forgot more than most of us know. So please join us for Matt’s presentation on fishing the Black River and other CNY streams.

Matt’s bio,

I am originally from North Syracuse NY.  I lived there for my first seventeen years.  I was interested in fishing from an early age and would sometimes ride my bike to fish local ponds. My family frequently went on camping trips around NY and anywhere my family camped, I would fish.  My journey into fly-fishing started in Ithaca, NY when my family went to visit my Uncle there.  He showed me a fly rod and showed me some basic casting on his pond.   I soon became very enamored with the rise of a trout.  Initially I fished mostly with dry flies when my Grandfather and Father would take me fishing.  My Grandfather liked to fly fish,  but liked to fish wet flies as well as dry flies.  From him I first learned to swing flies for trout.  He also had some fly tying equipment and materials, in which I also adopted an interest.  I practiced mostly the wet fly swing and dead drift dry fly fishing through me teens.  During school at SUNY Cortland, where I got a BS in Biology/chemistry, I began to experiment with streamers, wet flies and nymphs fishing the Cayuga Lake tributaries, still one of my favorite areas to fish.  Post college, living in Ithaca, I continued to fish the Cayuga Lake tributaries and also began to fish for steelhead, mostly in the Salmon River and in the past 8 years have enjoyed fishing for steelhead with Spey rods.  With the help of my family and friends, I started CNYFlyfish.com in 1995 because I thought there was a lack of local fly fishing reports and I was very interested in becoming a fishing guide.   Today I work as a scientist in Ithaca and guide part-time and of course fly-fish as much as I can.  Words cant describe my love of fly-fishing and of course the fish.  For me the utmost is being outdoors with friends and family on the banks of a river sharing a stretch of water with the hope of a fish.

Matthew Chapple



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  1. Steve says:

    DEC schedules March meetings to discuss status of fisheries in four eastern Finger Lakes

  2. Steve says:

    The ESF Trout Bums website is active and located at http://www.esf.edu/org/troutbums/ We will place a link to this under the More Resources page.

  3. Steve says:

    Anthony, nice bio on Sheldon, looking forward to hearing what he has to tell us.

  4. Mike Hyde says:

    Hey guys its looking GOOD!!!! Love the pics from Furnace Brook clean up!!!

  5. David F.Seifritz says:

    David Scott,
    Sorry to get back to you so late about your question, the site is still in its beginning stages and we are still working on format and content. Please check out some of the other pages as we are just getting more posts with calander infomation and other updates. As for projects we are just starting the search for new places that could benefit from our help, we have several sites to be considered Onondaga Creek, Butternut Creek, Limestone Creek is one we worked on a few years back in the town of Manlius, Mill Run Park section and it still has another phase or two to be completed. Nine Mile is always in need of stream cleanups and we just finished a Earth Day stream cleanup of Furnace Brook on Saturday in the city Elmwood Park section. Our next chapter meeting will be stream side on Nine Mile Creek to review our plantings from last year as well as fish a bit, meeting starts 5:00 at the new parking lot off 174 just past Jakes Fly Shop hope to see you there and discuss some of our other projects.

    David F. Seifritz Iroquois Chapter President

  6. Bob Semian says:

    Congratulations to the Iroquois Chapter and its members on getting your new web site ‘www.iroquoistu.org’ up and running. I look forward to seeing it grow with the latest chapter information, activities and accomplishments. Looks great!
    Bob Semian
    Region 7

  7. David Scott says:

    Just wondering what kinds of projects you work on. I saw your sign at 9 mile creek.

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